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Mailbag: Why Isn't Armstrong Getting On The Field?

W.F., TX

With Dez injured, what happened to Anthony Armstrong and why is he not on the field yet?

Nick: Well, Dez isn't exactly injured right now. And he hasn't been since Armstrong got here. They signed him because they like his speed but apparently he's not ready to go just yet, or if he is, he's not a better option than Beasley. I think you might see him this week.

Jonny: Tony Romo has a couple receivers on this team that he has spent all season developing chemistry with like Cole Beasley and Dwayne Harris for example. Regardless of what you might think about Kevin Ogletree, his years of practicing with Romo showed last Sunday when he caught a pass across the middle on 1st and 20 in the fourth quarter. Armstrong may still get opportunities, but I think that the coaching staff feels more comfortable putting receivers out there who have experience with a quarterback who can improvise like Romo.


Does David Arkin have a future on this team?

Nick: Apparently. He's still around. But it's clear the Cowboys have no intentions of playing him. Maybe they are hoping he can make big strides in the offseason.

Jonny: Probably not. The Cowboys will try just about any option before they give him legitimate game snaps this season. I would be surprised if they had any long term plans that involved Arkin on the team.

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