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Mailbag: Why No Mention Of Connor McGovern?


Why isn't Connor McGovern getting a look at left guard or right guard? Does the coaching staff not have confidence in him? – COURTNEY COLE / YUKON, OK

Nick: I can promise you everyone is getting "looks" at this point. One would have to imagine your second question is accurate. Maybe confidence isn't the best word but it's clear the staff feels like there are better options. But to be fair, until the second half of Sunday's game, the guards have been Zack Martin and Connor Williams. And McGovern is a guard so he just hasn't jumped those guys, which is to be expected. But the fact that his name isn't mentioned much when the team is looking for all options, is somewhat discouraging.

David: It's a fair question for an offensive line that is faced with considering all options. The best way I can try to answer the question is to point out that the coaching staff that brought McGovern to the team is gone. It's possible that Joe Philbin and Mike McCarthy don't rate McGovern as highly as Marc Colombo and Jason Garrett did. It's also possible that the year on injured reserve hurt his development, especially going against so many experienced veterans. Either way, it's a bummer that a guy drafted in the Top 100 seems to be a forgotten man.

Given the defensive problems through the first few weeks, notwithstanding the injuries, which is the most concerning problem? Feels like there's been blown coverages in every game and it happened numerous times in the loss to Seattle. Is Mike Nolan's scheme too complex to reap rewards at this early stage? – TREVOT D'MELLO / EDINBURGH, UK

Nick: The most concerning issue to me is the safety position because it's the one spot that hasn't seen any major injuries so far. No excuses on the injuries there, but they have just as many problems as other positions. But as of Monday, everyone is saying they're sticking with the safety options on the team. But there's already way too many blown coverages in three games.

David: Yeah, I can at least understand the struggles at cornerback. Two of the three preferred starters are on injured reserve, and the third guy is a rookie. That's not surprising. But these are the safeties the coaching staff opted to start the season with – no injuries there. Hopefully, they can raise their level of play as they continue to get comfortable in the scheme. But regularly coverage busts like we've been seeing are going to make it tough to string wins together.


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