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Mailbag: Why Not Restructure Romo Before Murray Left?; What's The Plan For Obada?

Why wait until now to do the Romo restructure, when had it been done a month ago they would've had the money to keep Murray? Why not do it then? Or is this to make a run at Adrian Peterson, as is widely speculated? And if so, how is that more sound than keeping the younger and less expensive Murray?

Bryan: I believe that fans wanted Murray more than the front office did, and they were not willing to commit that type of cash to keep him around. If they are going to make a run at Peterson, they are going to have to do some other book keeping activities to get that done and if they have that opportunity to do that – my gut tells me they are willing to try.

David: Two things. Firstly, I think they waited until now to do the Romo restructure because they weren't counting on spending $3 million to keep Rolando McClain, and because they wanted to have some spending space if they needed it – whether that's for a big splash like Adrian Peterson or something minor. Secondly, I think this tells you that the decision not to re-sign Murray was about more than just the price tag. Murray is 27 and is coming off a season in which he touched the ball close to 500 times, and I don't think the Cowboys wanted to incur the risk. I've gone on the record saying that I think it would be a horrible idea to try and acquire Adrian Peterson, but I'm also willing to admit that he's a more talented running back than Murray. I'm not saying I agree with them, but I am saying I think the Cowboys would be more willing to take a risk on Peterson over Murray.

I was wondering with his size and some experience if they would try Efe Obada at tight end maybe he would be a good 3rd down target or end zone target. What are your thoughts?

Bryan: From the video workout that I was able to observe, he appears to have a feel for how to play technique-wise as a defensive end. He is far along with his hand use, but he is going to need some work with his feet to put that all together. Coaches are excited to work with him.

David: I have a feeling the Cowboys are going to take a look at him in several different spots, because quite simply I doubt they have a great idea of what he can do. There just isn't much in the way of film on this guy. And the film that does exist doesn't exactly have him going against top-notch talent. They're hopeful they can get him here in time for the offseason program to begin on April 20, and he should certainly be here for the rookie camp in May. I'm primarily interested in seeing him work as a defensive end, but he has been training at tight end, as well.


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