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Mailbag: Why Not Utilize More No Huddle Offense?


Romo and the offense seem to click better when employing a no-huddle offense, regardless of if it's in hurry-up mode. Why doesn't Garrett use this efficiency to his advantage more often?

Broaddus: In these last five weeks, I think there is a chance to see more no-huddle offense. There is no question that it helps the blocking because of the pressure that you put on the defensive line wearing them down but if teams want to try and match it with their nickel, it could provide the opportunity to run the ball stretching the defense. The only problem might be getting Bryant on the same page down after down but he seems to have picked up things better here lately.  

Rowan: With the running game the way it is, I'd be an advocate of starting a game using more no-huddle. When the rushing attack works, go ahead and run with it. But when it's clear the running game is going nowhere, the no-huddle offense has proven it can be functional, though it remains to be seen if the same effectiveness can occur early in games when the Cowboys aren't trailing by double digits.


Where is Philip Tanner?

Broaddus: Tanner has always been one of my favorite players and I really thought that he was going to get more of an opportunity against the Redskins with Jones' health in question, but the coaches have shown more confidence in Dunbar in the role as the second back on blitz pick up and the occasional carry. Just my two cents but trust has a lot to do with this.

Rowan: It seemed after DeMarco Murray's injury that Phillip Tanner's production would steadily increase, but that hasn't been the case. He's only rushed three times since running the ball 13 times against the Panthers. He hasn't been produced great results, but none of the Cowboys' backs have. I figured he'd have more of a role even as a change of pace with the rushing attack as woeful as it's been.

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