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Mailbag: Why Sign Ryan Williams Over Other RB Options?



We haven't even started training camp. Explain to me why the Cowboys went on to sign an injury prone running back when we haven't seen what we have in the undrafted?

David: Provided he can stay healthy, Ryan Williams was a top 40 pick who was the second running back off the board in the 2011 draft. He was actually taken 33 spots above DeMarco Murray. He actually wasn't hurt in 2013, but the Cardinals chose to make him inactive all season. With almost two years to recover from his last big injury, the Cowboys are obviously hoping he can rediscover his college form. If he does, it gives them a pretty impressive backfield. If he doesn't, it's not like this was an expensive signing.

Rowan: They decided to keep a somewhat recent second-round pick versus a player who wasn't the team's top priority undrafted free agent. That seems somewhat logical, even if that second-round pick has dealt with injuries before. The likelihood of that undrafted free agent making the team is miniscule, if that. If Williams is any semblance of what he was when he came out of school, it's at least possible he lands a final roster spot.


Are the Cowboys working toward extending Dez Bryant before the season starts? I am a constant reader of the site, and I understand that they can franchise him and he's not going anywhere. But aren't they playing a little Russian Roulette? What if this guy goes bonkers next year and his price goes up even further?

David:That's why I think you'll see [embedded_ad] either Dez or Tyron Smith sign a new contract before the 2014 season starts – the price is only going to go up. I don't know if the Cowboys could find a way to sign both Pro Bowlers this year, but maybe Bryant is now the priority since Smith's option keeps him in town until at least the end of 2015. Either way, I expect to see a longterm contract for one of these guys before the 49ers game.

Rowan: I think those conversations are always in the works. I wouldn't be surprised if they find a way to extend both Dez and Tyron Smith before year's end. It's always risky to let a star player finish out his contract and just hope he sticks around. I don't think they'll let it get to that point with either player, barring injuries.

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