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Mailbag: Why The Continual Lack of INT's?


Knowing the Cowboys may be wanting to get younger at tight end, what do we really have in Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz, and will Witten be missed? – CRAIG CAUDLE / SILSBEE, TX

Rob: In Jarwin they have an athletic field-stretcher who has averaged nearly 12 yards a catch the last two years. Schultz didn't play many snaps last year but has the traits of a complete tight end. I thought last season was one of Witten's best blocking years. That part of his game doesn't get noticed as much. We'll see what his future holds, but if he doesn't return the Cowboys would have to look to free agency or the draft to shore up the position.

Lindsay: This is not a knock on anyone, no, not on any of them; but until the Cowboys spend a quality draft pick on a tight end, I think they're missing out. I think Blake Jarwin has gone above and beyond expectations, with very limited opportunities. Maybe a talented draft choice justifies more plays and more expectations and implementation into the offense.

Other than pressure from the front seven, why haven't the Cowboys secondary produced many INT's over the years? Many of us in Cowboys Nation feels like the DB's play the WR rather than trying to make plays on the football. Their #1 corner Byron Jones hasn't had an INT in over two seasons. – JOHNNY PERALES / FAYETTEVILLE, NC

Rob: My "Talkin' Cowboys" co-host Everson Walls has provided some great insight about this on the show. He's not a fan of playing the receiver over the ball either. It is a taught technique, though. The new staff might have a different approach. (I need to ask that question.) Here's another thing: How many times have we seen DB's in position to make those plays but it's either dropped or not a proper angle? Some of it is just about instinct. But I do think this group is capable of more because they've had chances in the past.

Lindsay: The literal mystery of the decade – and oh, what a frustrating one! Trust me, no ones more frustrated than these guys on the field, but something has to change. I defer to the players on this, and they've told me they have to quit trying so hard to make it happen. Maybe with new coaches, there will be a psychological shift, where there is less thinking about INT's and consequently – more of them.

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