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Mailbag: Why Wait on Signing Another Kicker?


Why do you believe the Cowboys are dragging their feet when it comes to signing a kicker? We saw last year firsthand the importance of having a quality kicker, yet their seems to be no urgency to go sign someone.Justin Shaffner/Milton, WI

Nick Harris: We got a little bit of insight over the weekend on the ongoing plan at kicker from special teams coordinator John Fassel when he alluded that the Cowboys are casting their net far and wide to find their man for the 2023 season while also instilling the team's confidence in Tristan Vizcaino. Why the wait? Well let me state that I don't think the wait will last long for another body to enter the room to compete with Vizcaino, but multiple solidified veteran names are still on the board that Fassel and McCarthy both have experience with, and with that comes the luxury of waiting out how everything shakes with those veterans. Bringing in either a veteran or a young gun with something to prove is a given, it's just a matter of if it will happen later this month or at training camp later this summer.

Mickey: Well, they aren't necessarily dragging their feet. First, they want to get a better gauge of where Tristan Vizcaino is and then will look at possibly signing an available veteran kicker. But in doing so, they must consider cost of bringing a veteran in and if said veteran is proficient on kickoffs. Special teams coach John Fassel basically said when asked about possibilities to replace Brett Maher, "It's Tristan and anybody on earth that's not on a team right now." And when asked about the possibility of bringing Maher back to at least compete for the job, Fassel said, "Everything is on the table." Plus, remember, teams currently with two kickers at some point will be cutting one, adding to the field of possibilities. At this point, there is no rush.

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