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Mailbag: Will Cowboys Face Competition To Sign Dez?; Shakeup In The Division?

If you are a team like New England, Seattle or Green Bay why wouldn't you go after Dez? Dez is worth two late first round draft picks.

Bryan: I could understand Seattle but not the other two. The Patriots would not pay a receiver and the Packers are about to let Randall Cobb walk, and he is, in some areas, as good of a player as what the Cowboys have in Bryant. I will say this about the Seahawks: they are in the market for a receiver but they also are on the verge of having to pay their quarterback a boatload of money, as well. There are not many teams that have a high dollar quarterback, runner and receiver.  

David: The teams that draft at the back end of the draft are typically there because they don't make impulsive decisions like that. In a vacuum, is Dez Bryant worth two first-round picks? Probably. But once you give up those picks, you also have to sign him to a gigantic contract. Seattle can't afford that – they have to pay Russell Wilson and potentially Marshawn Lynch. New England has next to no cap room, and they'd probably like to find a way to bring back Darrelle Revis. Green Bay doesn't want to pay Randall Cobb, and he's asking for less than Dez. It's just not smart decision making, in my opinion. If those teams want receiver help, they'd be better off drafting it and getting it for cheap.

Now that LeSean McCoy has been traded out of the NFC East, is Philadelphia still the biggest threat to the Cowboys to win the division in 2015?

Bryan: I think the Giants will have a bounce back season but to answer your question – the Eagles are the best threat just due to the overall talent on their roster. They are still in position to draft and with cap room to add some major pieces to an already talented roster.

David: There's no denying that LeSean McCoy is a great player, but I'm not sure this changes the division race too much. The Eagles still have Sproles, and they will have plenty of cap room to sign a new running back – or they could draft one. They still have a strong offensive line, and their front seven on defense just got much better with the addition of Kiko Alonso. They need to address their secondary, but I still think they have the talent to win 10 or more games.


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