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Mailbag: Will Dallas Make Offer For Mike Wallace?


Do you guys see Dallas making an offer for Mike Wallace?

Nick: I don't see that at all. Here's a guy that wants to be paid like a Top 5 WR in the NFL. The Cowboys wouldn't pay him anything more than a No. 3. Yes, they need a WR but not one of the youngest, fastest guys in the league.

Josh: No. Because then you've got to pay him. Otherwise he won't be any happier here than he is in Pittsburgh. For the time being, the Cowboys need to just hope Miles Austin and Dez Bryant work out. Blame them for not drafting him in 2009.


Why are the Cowboys now OK with using Felix Jones and Dez Bryant on returns? Where was that urgency last year?

Nick: Good question. I have wondered that myself, too. This team seems to be pulling out the stops more this year.

Josh: I don't know that there was less urgency last year. But they went into the season with Felix Jones as the starting running back. Now he's not, and he's in the last year of his deal. And after Bryant's slip up, maybe there's a theory within the organization that they just need to get as much as they can out of him.

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