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Mailbag: Will Everson Walls finally reach HOF?


Everson Walls was again named a semifinalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame by the Seniors Committee. With Chuck Howley being a Seniors Committee selection this year, does that hurt Everson's chances for 2024? What does this guy have to do to get the recognition he deserves? – Matt Gleason/Mesquite, TX

Nick Eatman: Maybe he should've had 11 interceptions as an undrafted rookie to set an NFL record that still stands. Or maybe he should've led the league in picks three times. Or I guess he could've gone to the Giants and won a Super Bowl or if that's not enough, maybe he could've done the single-greatest honor from one teammate to another. Wait, he did all of that. I guess I don't know then. It's a shame. I think Walls is deserving of the Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor. Hopefully if he gets in, it's soon so he can enjoy it like all HOFers should get the chance to do. 

Mickey: That's a $64,000 question. He should have been in already, and we seem to be answering this question over and over again. Well, it's a good sign Walls once again is a semifinalist and Chuck Howley's inclusion this year should have nothing to do with Walls moving into the finals for next year's class. He is more than deserving, and it's high time not only the Seniors Committee, which has been doing a great job of untangling the log jam that has built up with so many deserving candidates, but also the Hall of Fame voters then do the right thing by selecting the record-setting NFL cornerback Everson Walls for entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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