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Mailbag: Will Johnson Still Be In The Mix At Safety?


What's the deal with the Matt Johnson? Will they bring in another safety or will he be in the mix next year?

Nick: I think the answer is yes.. yes. I'm sure they will bring in other safeties but assuming he stays healthy – could be a big assumption there – but he'll be in the mix. They obviously like him and think he's got potential. But at the same time, I wouldn't think they won't sign a veteran or won't draft a safety because they've got Matt Johnson in the mix.

Rowan: His deal is he couldn't stay healthy enough to stay on the field this year, and eventually it got to a point where it only made sense to put him on injured reserve and get him ready for next year. But they obviously liked him enough and think he has the potential to make a difference in the future. Still, without much of anything to go on, it's hard to believe the team can trust he'll go step in as a starter. He'll compete for time with Gerald Sensabaugh and Barry Church, who's coming off more serious injury.


How did Mackenzy Bernadeau do when he filled in at center? Do you see him getting a good chance to win the starting center job over Costa and Cook?

Nick: I think that will depend on what happens at guard. It's not a cliché, but really you're looking for your five best linemen. If they can get a guard that is better than Bernadeau but then Bernadeau is better than Costa, Cook or whoever else is in there, then it's worth considering. I think he was decent for a guy who has never played it. But if they get a guard in the draft, then maybe he can spend long hours this summer working at center with the chance to make the permanent switch.

Rowan: There was talk all season, even in the preseason, about Bernadeau switching over to center. The team wanted to ease him in off injury to the position he was more experienced in, at guard. He only switched to center when there were no other options, and he actually seemed to perform pretty decently. A more permanent move to center will only depend on whether or not the Cowboys bring in other players at guard or spend an early draft pick on a guard, forcing him to move spots. If that happens, I could see him competing with Costa and Cook at center.

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