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Mailbag: Will Restructures Create A Future Problem?


I'm glad the Cowboys found a way to get under the salary cap, but didn't they just create a future problem? Isn't this going to be a problem to sign players like Lee, Carter, Dez, Tyron and possibly Bailey? Or is the salary cap going to go up in 2015 like everyone is hoping?

Nick: It really doesn't create many more problems. Again, it's something they had planned all along. So to be honest, we probably shouldn't have reported the $20 million over the cap part so much because it didn't take much to get back down under. And yes, the cap will go up by then.

Rowan: When a deal is restructured and money is taken off this year's cap, it's got to go somewhere. I do think it's safe to say the salary cap will go up in 2015, but the more salary that's added to the future contracts, the harder it will be to re-sign players in the future. The sooner they hold on to notable future free agents like Lee, the better. The front office did, however figure out a way to get out of what seemed like a rather sticky salary cap situation this offseason with relative ease. Not making a splash this offseason might be a positive thing. They have to keep in mind what those future contracts will be like when they make decisions right now, but they've done well in the past at securing the players they deem the most necessary each offseason.

Not too long ago, Jerry Jones addressed the media stating it was going to be an uncomfortable offseason for many at Valley Ranch, but the only thing so far we have seen is the firing of a few coaches. What about the firing of some of the players who didn't perform at the championship level?

Nick:I think it's been rather uncomfortable for a lot of people around here. As for players who didn't perform at a championship level … you can't cut them all. Honestly, who really performed at that level [embedded_ad] you're talking about? Four or five games maybe. Only three made it to the Pro Bowl. So my point is that a lot of players struggled last year. Some more so than others and if their contract is too high, then it makes sense. But I do think Jerry made it uncomfortable around here. 

Rowan: I know when you typed this question Gerald Sensabaugh hadn't been cut yet, but his release will probably be the first of at least a few. I'd be surprised if a couple more Cowboys who got playing time last year aren't released before the start of next season. I think the players need to be held accountable just as much as the coaches, whose firings suggest they're viewed as a major reason this team went 8-8 again. I think there are at least a few players who probably aren't too comfortable with where they currently sit.

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