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Mailbag: Will Schedule Allow Cowboys To Have Hot Start?


The first four games of the schedule appear to be favorable to the Cowboys. Would a hot start be enough to bolster the confidence of this defense and maybe be the spark this team needs to finish strong too?

David: You're right that the schedule definitely looks favorable. After the Giants game, the Cowboys get three straight games against the playoff teams. But I'm always hesitant to say that one game or another looks easy or hard in July. There's almost no way of knowing definitively in the offseason who's going to be good or bad – the 2011 Eagles and the 2012 Seahawks spring to mind as teams who had vastly different performances than what was expected of them. But, hypothetically, a fast start could go a long way toward a playoff push.

Nick: I think this team definitely needs a hot start. I've said since the schedule came out the Sept. 15 game at Kansas City is the biggest one on the schedule. If they lose to the Giants off the bat, they can't be 0-2. If they win, losing to KC and going 1-1 puts them back in the "here we go again" category, just like last year in Seattle. So yes, this team needs to get out of the gates quickly and get to 3-1 maybe because October looks very tough this year.

Could part of the struggles the Cowboys have in the Red Zone be attributed to Romo's height, where maybe he doesn't see the field as clear when it gets small and crowded inside the 20?

David:I'm going to go ahead and say no. Romo's height might hold him to a slight disadvantage compared to other quarterbacks in the league. But when a guy as short as Drew Brees is leading the second-best red zone offense in the NFL, it's [embedded_ad] hard to argue height is a factor.

Nick: I think there's something to that. But honestly, the push from the line and being able to run the ball into the end zone is the biggest key. If they could run the ball better, they wouldn't need to rely on Romo's vision and throwing ability.

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