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Mailbag: Will The Cowboys' Mindset Be Right After Loss?


Do you think the coaches and players mindset will be right in completely forgetting this loss and moving forward to next week?

Nick: Without a doubt. I'm not sure it can be any other way. That was the most-watched preseason game in history, because that's really all it was. It really didn't matter either way. I think the team and coaches were rejuvenated as soon as the Ravens beat the Giants. This is why they play and coach in this league – for games and moments like this. If you don't have the right mindset, you're not in the right profession.

Rowan: If there's one message Jason Garrett harps on more than any, it's focusing on the week at hand. Regardless of a win or loss in the previous week, he's preached the importance of moving on to the next opponent. He wouldn't even need to do that this week. His players understand the importance of this game. In the grand scheme of things, a win or a loss to the Saints would have still forced a winner take all matchup between the Cowboys and Redskins for the division title.


Is Jason Garrett coaching for his job this week against the Redskins?

Nick: I think coaches will say, they're always coaching for their job. I know what you're saying though. If they lose, will he be fired? At this point, I think he's done enough to keep his job regardless. But it sounds like the Wild Card here is only Sean Payton. And this is strictly rumors and speculation. But if Payton is available and has a desire to coach here, then I would see Jerry Jones being interested. And if it's really that serious, then winning this game Sunday and making the playoffs may not even matter. But personally, I think it's wrong. I think Jerry needs to show the same commitment he preached about a few years ago when he hired him. And this team has gotten better each year and they're fighting like crazy for him, even with a banged-up team. I'm not sure I've answered the question because really only one person knows the answer.

Rowan: Unless the Cowboys lay an absolute egg and get completely torched in Washington, I'd be surprised if Jason Garrett wasn't the coach here next year. Regardless of what happens this weekend, though, as long as Sean Payton doesn't have a job, there's always the chance Jerry Jones gets tempted to pursue that route. Right now, I don't see that being the likeliest scenario. But every game means so much more to an NFL coach than in any other sport because of the number of games in a season, so a win and a playoff berth would undoubtedly and obviously make the likelihood of Garrett staying in Dallas increase.  

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