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Mailbag: Will The Defense Try More Man Coverage?



Living in Washington, I have heard Pete Carroll say that his defense is based on Monte Kiffin's philosophies, yet they play a majority of it in press/man coverage. With our corners, do you see us playing to their strengths more and playing more man/press coverage this year after Seattle's success?

Rowan: Yes. I think the man coverage would favor everyone, even the linebackers, who struggled many times in their drops. Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne look more comfortable manning up, so it would make sense to let them do that more often. Orlando Scandrick looked like the only corner consistently comfortable in any scheme at any spot last year. The problem is that in man or zone if the rush isn't getting there, it won't really matter.

David: Far be it from me to dictate the schemes Rod Marinelli uses, but press and man coverage seem like they'd benefit Carr and Claiborne specifically. Carr is 6-0, 209, and Claiborne is 5-11, 190. They both have the size to play that physical style of coverage, and they're both more familiar with man. I can't say for sure if that's going to be the gameplan going forward, but it seems like a waste to use that type of athleticism predominantly for zone coverage.


With the Eagles cutting DeSean Jackson, how likely might they trade up to the Cowboys spot if a player, maybe a wide receiver, they want slips to the No. 16 spot?


Rowan: I don't think it's more likely they trade up to the Cowboys over any other team ahead of them. Given their divisional ties to the Cowboys, it's probably less likely they do that. I would say it's not likely, but it's a possible scenario. For the Eagles to do that, a Sammy Watkins or a Mike Evans would have to be there. I think both of those players could help the Cowboys, and they'd have to think twice about giving that player to a division rival.

David: I'm sure the Eagles are going to be on the lookout for a replacement for Jackson, but I wonder if they see it as a huge concern. They still have Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, and a nice pair of receiving tight ends in Brent Celek and Zach Ertz. The backfield is also very passer-friendly with LeSean McCoy and now Darren Sproles back there. I'm sure Philadelphia would love to add a new No. 1 option, but I don't know if it's a big enough need that they'd be trying to trade up for a receiver. Especially not with a divisional rival.

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