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Mailbag: Will The Offense Be In Sync Week 1?


I realize that the coaches are concerned about injuries, but the full starting offense is getting few or no reps in preseason. This is bound to leave them rusty when the regular season begins against the defending Super Bowl champs. Agree or disagree? — JIM WHATLEY / HENDERSON, TX

Rob: It's just the reality of the situation. They're not going to rush Dak Prescott back just for a few preseason snaps. Week 1 is the big picture and the right call. Make no mistake, it's not ideal that he hasn't gone through a full padded practice in training camp, or I guess since October of last year, for that matter. Timing and live reps seeing the field is important, even if he's played with the same guys for several years. So I would say it's a challenge but not something they can't overcome in the opener, assuming he doesn't play Saturday. As Mike McCarthy discussed Thursday, Dak being in more or less the same system for six years now is a huge plus.

David: I completely agree, but what are they supposed to do about that? It would be insane to rush Dak back onto the field because you're worried about rust. And you don't want to expose your starters to injury by giving them too much playing time. It's not ideal for the start of the season, but it's important to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint.

With all due respect to the two cornerbacks taken that Dallas had their eye, is it safe to say the Cowboys got a better player in picking Parsons for this team impact wise? — RICK ALTILIO / ST. PETERS, MO

Rob: Time will tell, right? But Parsons is off to a really good start – there's no other way to put it. In the spring I said over and over again I don't care which position, but a defensive impact player needed to be the focus in the first round. And Parsons, if he keeps progressing, has a chance to give the defense a double-boost with his ability as a run defender and a pass rusher. And he's got outstanding speed to become an effective player in coverage too. As Maurice Canady said to us Wednesday, how many guys have you met who weigh 250 pounds and run a 4.3?

David: I'm just as excited about Micah as everyone else, but it's way too early to start this conversation. Draft classes play out over three, four, five years. Sometimes maybe more. If Jaycee Horn or Patrick Surtain turns into a star, that's the type of player that can change your defense for a decade or more. This isn't a knock on Parsons at all. He clearly has a chance to be special and make a huge impact on this team. But I'm not ready to write the narratives on this draft class before anyone has even played a game.

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