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Mailbag: Will This Defense Look Like Chicago's 2012 Unit?



In one mailbag issue, the question of size was addressed as to whether or not Costa could play guard. Does one inch in height and 5 or 10 pounds in weight really make that much difference?

Nick: I think Costa has played more at center. If you're going to be a smaller guard, or really smaller any position, you've got to be 100 percent efficient with technique. Since Costa hasn't played there much, it's hard to assume he's going to be ready to move guys like Vince Wilfork, knowing that he hasn't played the position that much. To me, he's a center. If he's better than Frederick, he should play. But I have a feeling he's going to be a backup player who can fill in at center and guard on game days.

Bryan: I remember the question because it was part of my mailbag answer and yes it does to these coaches and scouts. I even called former offensive line coach Hudson Houck and asked him if he thought that Phil Costa could play guard and he went into this whole break down of the position and the thoughts about the size and he said without a doubt that it does make a difference. I also asked two members of the front office why Costa couldn't play guard and to a man, both answered, "Too small". It is something that this front office has believed in since the days of Nate Newton and Larry Allen that guards with size are just a better fit.


Can you say the Cowboys' defense will look a lot like the Bears' defense a year ago?

Nick: I can't say that, no. I think this defense will be better than last year's defense and SHOULD get more turnovers. But I need to see Sean Lee and Bruce Carter play much better than they have to think we'll see a Urlacher-Briggs duo. I know Ware is just as good if not better than Peppers, but they're different players. I wouldn't mind seeing a Henry Melton in the middle. And the secondary the Bears have is a lot more physical than any team in the league, other than Seattle. So let's hope the Cowboys can develop into a defense like that, but they have work to do.

Bryan:I honestly believe with the personnel that is on this defense for the Cowboys, they have a chance to be special in this scheme. When you think of the Bears, you think of turnovers. This is something that has been preached since the first day that these coaches stepped on the field with the players. Even to the point when a pass is dropped and the ball is on the ground, someone on the defensive side of the ball is [embedded_ad] scooping it up and trying to score while the others are looking to get block. Players are in better shape when it comes to making plays on the ball and if that creates more turnovers, then you will see a defense that is similar to what the Bears have done under Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli  the last several years.

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