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Mailbag: Will Trysten, Taco Get Their Chance?


I was surprised to see Taco Charlton listed on the inactive list for Sunday's game. After having a good camp and with Robert Quinn suspended, I was sure he would be active. I know it's early in the season, but being a first-round pick, don't you think he should get more opportunities to see what he can do? - JOAN PHILLIPS / SAN BERNARDINO, CA

Bryan: Jason Garrett said during his press conference that there's still competition there to see who dresses each week. To be honest, I wasn't impressed with what I saw from Dorance Armstrong, so if Charlton could have a good week of practice maybe he gets back in the mix on the 46-man roster. If he doesn't get a chance this week, then you now know exactly how the staff feels about him and they just need to move on.

Rob: I have no doubt that defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli is willing to shake things up based on performance if needed. We saw Charlton out of the lineup for a stretch last year, then get a chance and play well. That goes for Trysten Hill, too. One week isn't always an indicator for the entire season. Position flex is often a factor here, though, and that's one reason rookie Joe Jackson was active against the Giants.

As I watched the game Sunday, I couldn't help but notice how many times the Giants had eight men in the box to stop our running game like teams did last year, daring Dak and company to beat them by passing. Since the offense proved it could, do you see teams having to re-think their game planning, which might open up more running lanes? - JARED MARSHALL / INDEPENDENCE, OR

Bryan: Here's the bottom line. You're going to play against defenses that are much better than what the Giants rolled out there on Sunday. Moore and Prescott made the Giants pay for being bad. Opponents are going to do a better job on coverage, so the offense had better be ready to have some form of a running game to lean on, whether there are six or eight in the box. As good as Prescott was throwing the ball, having a running game will help him even more, especially on those play-action passes.

Rob: Zeke Elliott has seen loaded boxes his entire NFL career, including that 13-3 season in 2016. I don't really see that changing, at least not completely. But you're right, Prescott and Kellen Moore absolutely took what the Giants gave them on Sunday.

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