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Mailbag: Will Tyler Guyton be a Day-1 starter at LT?


The Cowboys did well to trade down and get a third-round pick and also draft a good offensive tackle. Some have said that it may take time to get Tyler Guyton ready to start on opening day. Do you think so? What does he need to improve upon or develop to be able to start on opening day? – Marty Monforte/Endicott, NY

Nick Eatman: For someone that seemed to be a little erratic at the Senior Bowl in his week of practice and games down there, I would think he's going to need some work in the pros as well. He didn't exactly dominate the competition going up against rookies that will be drafted all throughout the seven rounds. And now, he's got to face some of the elite pass-rushers in the game. He'll have a learning curve. They all do. I remember Tyron Smith struggling early on against DeMarcus Ware but he figured it out. Terence Steele had some tough times as well. And that's a first-round pick and then an undrafted rookie. So I think it's safe to say all rookie tackles will need to develop. I think he gets every chance to start right away but if he's clearly not the best option, I don't think the Cowboys can afford to keep anyone out there who is supposed to protect the quarterback, especially his blind side.

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