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Mailbag: Will We See Even More From Pollard? 


With the current whirlwind of hype surrounding Tony Pollard, the running back, can you guys address Tony Pollard the kickoff return specialist? Will he get that opportunity with this team? If so, the hype train will grow even longer. My, oh my, would that be an added and welcomed addition to the third phase of this squad. - SCOTT KNUDSEN / HIGHLAND VILLAGE, TX

Bryan: I appreciate your enthusiasm for Tony Pollard as a kickoff return man but how many total kicks do you think he's going to return in a given year? Unless you play the Rams every week, who try to keep the ball in the field of play, it's not many. If Elliott's holdout continues into the season there is a pretty darn good chance that he won't return any balls because he'll be the starter and they won't risk him. 

Rob: There's no question the Cowboys drafted Pollard with this as a possibility. They've put a lot on his plate, special teams included, during camp. Now, at the moment, he's their starting running back, so his preseason reps have been minimal. But he did have seven kick return touchdowns in college, so he's an option when Elliott returns.

How do you evaluate Trysten Hill's production to date? Should we expect much from him this year? - KEVIN WATERS / MORRISVILLE, PA

Bryan: Developing. He's active and gifted but he lacks know-how. There will be a day in which he puts it all together, but that won't happen until he gets that knowledge. But he continues to work, which is his best trait. 

Rob: Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli saw a difference in the second half of the Rams game. He thought Hill got his pad level down, a big technique point in trying to get blockers off balance. Hill carried it over to practice this week and had a would-be sack on Tuesday.

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