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Mailbag: Would 10-6 Win The Division Again?

Cowboys VS Eagles, December 8th, 2018 @ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX
Cowboys VS Eagles, December 8th, 2018 @ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX

Watching the schedule release show last night it seemed like all the analysts see the Cowboys as a .500 team. Am I too optimistic to believe they can go 10-6 and win the division? - JAMES GALLOWAY / HARKER HEIGHTS, TX

Bryan: Need a great start because December has potential for some pitfalls. Road games in Chicago and Philadelphia will be no fun to end the season. I like your 10-6 but there is a lot that goes with that first place schedule. 

Rob: You're not too optimistic because this is a good team that, based on its youth, should be better this season. That doesn't always mean a better record. Some people don't like to hear about "first-place schedules" because there's really just a two-game difference from the rest of your division rivals. Well, playing the Saints and Rams is a major difference, and two games could very well decide the NFC East. The last six games in particular look tough, but they're talented enough, health willing, to navigate this.

You guys rock and help me get through the offseason. I'm a big fan of Jay Ajayi, and I think he excels in a backup role. I understand they want to draft a running back and that's great, but I feel like having a veteran who isn't a significant drop in talent spelling Zeke under a team-friendly deal would be a nice addition. And yes he has an injury history, but that didn't stop the Robert Quinn deal. Thoughts? - ADAM VOLPE / SOMERVILLE, MA

Bryan: Stephen Jones knows he's needs a back, so whether that's through the draft or free agency he's going to get one. If he goes the veteran route, Ajayi does make some sense, but there are several young backs that I'd love to have in this draft so that's the route I'd go. 

Rob: I think at this point, you see what unfolds in the draft and if you don't find a running back you like, turn back to free agency, where there should be options. But the draft has some pretty talented backs. If you hit on one, you'll have him signed on a team-friendly four-year rookie deal.

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