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Mailbag: Would La'el Have Changed Draft Plan? 1,800 Yards Or 18 Sacks?


Just a brain exercise for you guys. How does the Cowboys' draft change if they knew they could get La'el Collins as a rookie free agent?

Bryan: Always fun to play that what if game after the draft so I will go along with you here. There is a pretty good chance that they could have looked at another position there in the third round if they knew that Collins was going to be on the squad. The position I had in mind was one of those running backs or likely another defensive lineman. I do agree their direction could have changed.

Rob: Good question. The obvious answer is perhaps they don't feel as much urgency to draft a Jermey Parnell swing tackle replacement candidate (Chaz Green) as high as the third round. Maybe they go linebacker a little earlier, or even running back. One back they liked, Northern Iowa's David Johnson, went five picks earlier at No. 86. Then again, Collins might be a better fit at guard and Green did represent value for the team based on their board. It's unfortunate he's gotten hurt before camp.


Which is more likely: DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory recording 18 combined sacks or Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden rushing for a combined 1,800 yards?

Bryan: If you would have said Hardy and Lawrence I would have most likely gone that route, but I am going to go with the runners here. Still will be tough for two to basically gain 1,000 yards each but I have more faith in their ability to do that than Gregory to have nine sacks.

Rob: The fact that this is a tough question speaks again to what DeMarco Murray accomplished last year by himself. The Cowboys have put their faith in the offensive line and Tony Romo's threat in the passing game to boost the running backs. Barring injury I think Randle and McFadden can get to 1,800 with the primary ball carrier getting 1,200-1,300 yards. It's definitely reachable in this offense.

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