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Mailbag: Would Parnell Be A Good Option To Start Over Free?


Do you think that Jeremy Parnell would be a good option to start over Doug Free this year? Is it possible that he is the answer to the tackle question?

Nick: I think those two should just compete, if they're both here. At this point, none of those guys seem better than the other, that's why they rotated at the end of the year. But if Free is going to compete for a spot, he can't be making $7 million per season. It's unlikely he will be back for that price, if at all.

Rowan: It's possible he's the guy they turn to. But if the Cowboys don't select someone early in the draft to secure the spot, I don't know that I'd expect the Cowboys to roll into camp expecting Parnell to assume the duty. I expect him to be in some sort of a competition with another right tackle, be it Free, a free agent signing or a draft pick.

Should we expect a Pro Bowl caliber year from Mo Claiborne? After all, we did make a bold move in acquiring him very early in the draft. Jerry Jones said he was the highest graded corner since Deion Sanders.

Nick: When you draft players that high, that should be the expectation. Right now, he didn't seem close to that level. Let's see how he responds this year. Something tells me he will get with Brandon Carr every day this year and have a better understanding how to get himself ready for a season. Most players seem to make a big jump physically and mentally between the first and second season. But you're right about the expectations – they will be high to match his draft status.

Rowan:That might be too high of expectations, but also keep in mind people voted in a player who was a backup to the Pro Bowl, so it may not be completely indicative of an athlete's season. Undoubtedly, Claiborne should play markedly better in his second year. It seemed like he got [embedded_ad] more comfortable and started to demonstrate an understanding of the NFL game as the season wore on. That will need to continue next year, and he should also be healthier entering this season.

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