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Mailbag: Would Parsons be more effective at LB? 


With an overabundance of talent at edge and being thin at linebacker, do you think we'll see Micah Parsons play more linebacker? I still wonder if the Cowboys are missing out some by not varying up the defense and using his sideline-to-sideline speed back there more. – Vlassi Baktidy/Manhasset, NY

Patrik: I'm of the mindset that, much like the 2022 season, Parsons will be a defensive end "labeled" as a linebacker. That doesn't mean he won't take any snaps as the latter, because he will, but he's essentially an edge rusher in Dan Quinn's system. That means the Cowboys are still very thin at LB after the injury to DeMarvion Overshown and the decision to waive Jabril Cox during cutdowns. By the time you see this reply (writing it days prior), things will be clearer at the position (e.g., will Cox return to the practice squad? Did Dallas claim/sign a LB from outside of the building?). I'm confident Quinn is well-aware of the lack of depth behind LVE and Damone Clark, even if he does plan to use Markquese Bell as a helping hand.

Nick Eatman: I've definitely changed my tune on this one over the last few months. I was initially in the camp of playing Parsons more at LB and letting him rush occasionally. I think we've seen his dominance now as an edge-rusher and that's where he seems to make the most impact. Now, I'm down for occasional packages that will put him in other spots on the field. I know LVE has been rushing some off the edge and we might see times where he trades with Parsons and they flip spots to confuse the quarterback somewhat. That could be impactful to run a few times a game. But by in large, Parsons needs to be rushing the passer - from some point on the field - more often than not. If it's on the edge or right over the center, doesn't matter as long as he's getting to the quarterback. I know the flip side is the depth at LB vs. the depth of edge rushers. But still, I think you have to take your best player and let him do what he does best.

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