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Mailbag: Would Romo Make The Pro Bowl Today?



If the season ended today, would Romo make the Pro Bowl? Which other Cowboys would make the Pro Bowl?

David: In any other year, I'd consider Romo a lock for the Pro Bowl as one of the best for quarterbacks in the NFC. But the league isn't deciding teams based on conference this year, and that will probably shut him out. Right now, I'd say Jason Hatcher is a Pro Bowl lock, and Sean Lee will be too, assuming he's available for the last month of the season. Keep an eye on Tyron Smith, as well. He has been playing at an absurd level for the last three or four weeks.

Rowan: As David said, it's going to be close. But I think he would. There's only six quarterbacks ahead of him in passing yardage, and one of them is Matt Ryan on the lowly Falcons. His 24-to-7 touchdown-to-interception ratio is better than anyone's other than Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. He wouldn't be a starter, but I think he'd make the team. As for the others, I'd say Jason Hatcher's the only sure lock, but depending how quickly Sean Lee gets back he'd be a likely option. Dan Bailey, Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant could all make an argument, but though Bryant might be the most talented player on the team, his numbers aren't there yet among the league leaders.


Do you think getting Sean Lee back will be the key factor into getting over the hump this year?

David:I don't know it it will be key, because this team went 5-4 in games Lee was fully healthy for. That includes games like San Diego and Detroit, when Lee contributed game-swinging interceptions, but the [embedded_ad] Cowboys still lost. But Lee's return would be a big boost to the run defense, as the Cowboys still have to play Matt Forte, Eddie Lacy, Alfred Morris and LeSean McCoy. He could be the difference between a bad defense and a serviceable one.

Rowan: It'll be a huge boost. The Cowboys are shockingly 2-0 without him, despite getting burned via the run for the majority of the time he's been out apart from the Raiders game, but the defense is much better with that guy in the middle. He would provide a ton of stability in the running game, as the success teams have had has typically been up the middle. Lee and Brandon Carr are two of the few game-changing players on the team when it comes to creating turnovers. They may have been a mediocre team with him in there, but his addition late in the season should change the look of the defense.

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