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Mailbag: Would The Offensive Scheme Change If Dez Is Out?


How do you see the Cowboys offensive scheme changing if Dez is out for the season, or does it change at all?

Bryan: You still have a player in Austin that can make plays on the move. He runs the same routes as Bryant but it would mean that you have to adjust things on the outside with Ogletree or Harris getting that work. Beasley could be in the mix at slot and keep Austin outside. You also have Armstrong as well who is looking to see the field for the first time.

Rowan: It hurts, but I'm not sure the scheme changes much. There may be more of a necessity and willingness to run the ball, but the receivers on the outside will still get their chance. I'd expect Armstrong to be made active, and Beasley wouldn't go a whole game without any looks. Ogletree and Harris would get more work on the outside. One of Ogletree's advantages is his ability to play on the outside, and he may have been getting the work he did in case something like this happened to a starting receiver. The offense will need a lot more from Austin.


If Bailey missed that field goal, would Garret be criticized for not running another play to get a closer field goal attempt? It seemed to be another deja vu moment similar to the Baltimore game.

Bryan: I didn't have a problem with how Garrett handled that last minute of the game. I was watching the field goal from the end zone under the goal posts and it was dead down the middle. Wind was at his back, all Bailey needed was a good snap and hold and that kick was money. Garrett made a gutsy call to hand the ball to Murray on third down so give him some credit for that. When Cincinnati didn't have any time outs, he made the right call. A 40 yard field goal with the wind is better than a 51 yarder with a cross wind.

Rowan: He'd definitely be criticized, because they would have lost the game. That's not to say it's the wrong call. The major difference between this situation and the one in Baltimore is he was 10 yards closer this time. Bailey hasn't missed inside 50 yards, and Garrett seemed confident based on his play calling that if the team got inside the 30-yard line, Bailey would be able to put it away. His gut was right.

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