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Mailbag: Xavier Woods' Progress; Backup QBs


I have watched this entire season and must say the defense plays great. But I don't believe Xavier Woods is getting the credit he deserves. I think he is holding his own given the fact that this is his first year at safety. Can we spread some love? - GERALD ISAAC

Rob: I think we've pointed out the plays Woods has made this year, including some critical stops in pass coverage. He's working to become a complete player against the run, but we've seen him play physical and he's had a hand in the Cowboys' ability to limit big pass plays for the most part.

Bryan: There is no question Woods is a good player. He was that in college and that's carried over. The biggest issue I had with him was his ability to consistently tackle. There were snaps where I thought he was plain bad at it. What he has shown he's more willing and he's improved in that area where he's no longer a liability. He's developing into a reliable player that this defense needs. 


In light of the Redskins and their injuries at QB, what is your opinion of the Cowboys' backup QB situation? I personally am not comfortable with such inexperience at the position. - TOM SCHIFANO

Rob: Seeing what's happened in Washington, it does remind you how durable Dak Prescott is as the starter here. He has taken some big hits this season during scrambles and sacks. We don't see much from backups Cooper Rush and Mike White after preseason, but the Cowboys have adopted the philosophy of trying to develop younger QBs behind Prescott. After all, it worked with Dak.

Bryan: There are very few teams that feel great about their quarterback situation. It is what it is until you can get Mike White more experience, and hopefully that doesn't happen until this spring. I do believe in time he'll be what you want as that backup/potential starter one day.

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