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Mailbag: Your Choice For A Big-Name Free Agent?


There are still some big-name players on the market: OBJ, Anthony Barr, Ndamukong Suh and JC Tretter to name a few. Let's say one of these players would be willing to sign a very cost-friendly one-year deal with the Cowboys. Is there one you would like to see that happen with? Or maybe someone else I didn't mention? — DAVID NYSTROM / LOUDON, TN

Nick: Honestly, I would've had a different answer yesterday. I totally would've been on board with a Julio Jones signing but now he's in Tampa. But I do think there needs to be some veteran receivers in the mix. Now, I'm not referring to Cole Beasley, who apparently sounded open to a reunion. But of the names you mentioned, I wouldn't include OBJ because he's basically going through what Gallup is doing with the rehab. I guess Anthony Barr would be my pick because of his experience and his experience with George Edwards.

Kyle: For me, this is an easy answer towards Anthony Barr. My confidence at the top of the depth chart is high. My confidence in the depth at the position is not. Micah Parsons and Leighton Vander Esch are two impact players on the defense that I'm excited to see in action this season. But with Jabril Cox and Damone Clark likely to miss time at the start of the season, I'd love to see more depth in the rotation. Barr would be the best fit as an off-ball linebacker that would also bring an added pass rush presence, much like Parsons. Also, not to mention, all of Barr's Pro Bowls came with George Edwards as the defensive coordinator in Minnesota. Edwards, of course, is the current Senior Defensive Assistant in Dallas.

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