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"Makeover or Move Over" DCC: Making the Team Episode 1205 Preview

by Samantha Finglass

There are only a few parts of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Training Camp that a rookie candidate can expect to happen. Jump splits, makeovers, and a special appearance by a fierce character with bright red hair who goes by the name Kitty Carter. All of the above will grace your television screen during tonight's episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the team.

The jump split. An iconic part of every Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader appearance. Anyone who decides to audition knows if they advance they will eventually have to master this skill. Tonight the girls will take the field at The Star and link up to perform the kick line. The jump split will come into play, and all will try their best to execute correctly. What looks so effortless on the field, when done correctly, also proves to be one of the most injury prone elements of the DCC world. Anyone who is unable to perform precisely and protect their body from injury might be faced with "tonight's going to be your last night".

Behind the scenes views of DCC Making the Team: Episode 1205

Those who can make it through grueling nights of dance will get to spend a day at Tangerine Salon where they will be given the royal treatment to help them achieve the signature DCC look. Each girl gets a one-on-one beauty consultation to determine hair cut and color. They are then whisked away by the expert staff who not only complete the transformation, but also teach the girls all the tips and tricks behind teasing, styling, and even the makeup aspect of the desired end product.

Having the DCC look is only half the battle. The freshly primped training camp candidates will come back to the dance studio for a series of surprises. Kitty Carter returns for spicy night, which has now become a right of passage for anyone who ends up wearing the white Lucchese boots come game day. To switch things up and showcase those with hip hop backgrounds, the creative genius Jordan Johnson makes a guest appearance at training camp. The girls are expected to keep up the pace and utilize the innumerable resources and choreographers to help them grow as performers.

While there is lots of excitement during training camp, and everyone who has made it this far is extremely talented, cuts must be made. Those who are deemed "flounders" or "wallflowers" are sent out the doors. Tune in tonight 10/9c on CMT to see all the hair flips and high kicks of the latest episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

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