Maybe November Can Fix Things Once Again

Any time a month is referenced around, it usually has something to do with December, and how the Cowboys have typically struggled down the stretch. And because of that, there have been just a handful of meaningful January games and obviously, nothing in February.

But don't look now, but for whatever the reason, the Cowboys have been remarkably good in November, especially with Tony Romo at quarterback.

Since 2006, the Cowboys are 17-5 in games played in November and with Tony Romo starting, they're a whopping 15-2. Obviously, Romo didn't play in any games last November and the Cowboys were 2-2, stunning the Giants and then beating Detroit in Jason Garrett's first two games as interim head coach.

Whether not or this is a real trend or a strong coincidence, the Cowboys need it to hold true this year more than ever.

At 3-4, the Cowboys have four games in November that appear very winnable. With this team, they're all losable, too.

But facing Seattle and Buffalo in two straight home games, followed by the Redskins on the road and then Miami on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys will likely be favored to win all of them and because of their recent slippage, they'll likely need to win them all to have ANY shot of salvaging this year.

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