McBriar Still Taking Foot Issue Day By Day

IRVING, Texas – Pro Bowl punter Mat McBriar is likely to be listed as questionable for Sunday against the Seahawks, and as of Friday afternoon he wasn't sure whether he'd be active.

McBriar's peroneal nerve is causing pain and numbness in his left (plant) foot, or foot drop. He punted again Friday, and he's trying a custom brace that the Cowboys didn't have time to acquire last week.

The issue should correct itself, but there's no way to tell exactly when. In the meantime, it has caused quite a bit of discomfort for McBriar, who punted only three times last week against the Eagles before leaving the game for good.

"Sometimes it's fine and sometimes it flares up," he said. "It's sort of tough to deal with."

Although there's cautious optimism that McBriar can punt and punt effectively Sunday, they have until 3 p.m. Saturday to sign rookie punter Chris Jones from the practice squad. That would require cutting someone off the 53-man roster, though.

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