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McCray Makes Top 25 List For Performance Based Pay


PHOENIX – Safety Danny McCray ranked in the top 25 players who received performance-based pay during the 2012 season.

McCray was the only Cowboys player on the list, sliding in at No. 23 with $236,316 worth of performance-based pay. Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict earned the top figure in the NFL's performance-based pay program with $299,465 in additional pay.

The program compensates players for playing time based upon their salary levels. Players become eligible to receive a bonus distribution in any regular season in which they play at least one official down. Approximately $110.72 million of performance-based pay will be distributed to players for their performance last year.   

Performance-based pay is computed by using a player index, which is produced by dividing a player's regular-season playing time by his adjusted regular-season compensation. Each player's index is then compared to those of the other players on his team to determine his pay.

Here is the full top 25 list:

1) Vontaze Burfict             Cincinnati            LB             $299,465

2) Dallas Reynolds            Philadelphia         G               $294,844

3) Brian de la Puente         New Orleans        C               $289,875

4) Bobby Massie                Arizona                T               $283,776

5) J'Marcus Webb              Chicago                T               $275,360

6) Sam Acho                     Arizona                LB              $273,715

7) Bruce Miller                   San Francisco       FB              $273,426

8) Max Starks                    Pittsburgh            T                $272,590

9) Robert McClain               Atlanta                CB              $269,505

10) Austin Howard              NY Jets                T                $261,431

11) Reshad Jones               Miami                  S                 $256,612

12) Byron Bell                    Carolina               T                 $255,547

13) Jerrell Freeman             Indianapolis         LB               $ 255,018

14) Chris Harris                  Denver                CB               $254,164

15) Todd McClure                Atlanta                C                 $251,204

16) Brandon Fusco              Minnesota            G                 $250,856

17) Richard Sherman          Seattle                 CB               $249,201

18) Robert Turner               St. Louis               C                $248,067

19) Miles Burris                  Oakland                LB               $243,048

20) Josh Norman                Carolina                CB               $242,475

21) Clint Boling                  Cincinnati              G                 $237,484

22) Craig Robertson           Cleveland               LB               $236,962

23) Danny McCray           Dallas                    S                $236,316

24) Mike Harris                  San Diego               T                $233,103

25) Isa Abdul-Quddus         New Orleans           S                $233,063

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