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Media Day Takes Over Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys Stadium has been the host of several big events in the last 18 months. From Cowboys games to the NBA All-Star Game, bull riding events, concerts and more.

But Tuesday saw a different type of crazy as the media from all over the world made its way – through the ice and snow - to cover Super Bowl Media Day.

Each team had an hour on the field – with 18 players and coaches getting a designated spot somewhere on the field or in the stand. The rest of the players in uniform mingled through the crowd. From the level of Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger to the bottom guy on the practice squad, everyone gets interviewed and gets asked all sorts of questions.

For instance, Packers cornerback Charles Woodson took no time answering what the strangest question he's been asked so far.

"Yeah, someone asked me if I've ever had a wedgie," Woodson said. "I'm not sure how that's going in their story."

And at media guy, it' fair game for everyone. You've got people dressed up in costumes, basically to get on TV, and you've got some hard-hitting reporters trying to get as much info as possible.

For me, I guess it was somewhere in between. You can only talk to guys like Flozell Adams, Shaun Suisham and Erik Walden for so long.

Still, it's not all fun and games. Security certainly isn't a joke – something I had to find out the hard way at the end.

Overall, it was a fun experience and one that's rather unique to a stadium that has already seen so much.  

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