Melton Makes Plea To Cowboys Fans For Saints Game


IRVING, Texas – Henry Melton can tell when a home-field advantage doesn't feel like one.

Visiting Cowboys fans came out in droves on the road against the Titans and Rams, but so did 49ers fans when the Cowboys had their home opener to start the season. Melton, who remembers hearing a lot of opposing fans, hopes to hear more of his own team's fans this weekend against the Saints.

"Of course you hear it," Melton said. "As a defensive player, it's huge to get the crowd into it. You feed off their energy. You already have energy going into the game, but when you hear the crowd getting into it, it gives you another pep."

He then made somewhat of a plea to Cowboys fans, asking them not to sell their tickets to Saints fans.

"I just want to let everybody know to come to the game," Melton said. "It's going to be Sunday night at 7:30 and we'll be out there playing the Saints. It's going to be a good show. Come on out. Spend some money. Don't just stay out in the parking lot, come on in." [embedded_ad]

Melton said it can create a problem when another team's fans come into town and are noticeable, particularly for the offense when that group's on the field.  

"The more Cowboys fans we can get in there, the better," he said.

Owner/general manager Jerry Jones would hope to see the stadium filled with Cowboys fans, but as he admitted on 105.3 FM "The Fan," he knows Saints fans will be well represented.

"The core base, when it comes to the Saints, they follow them good and it's an easy little trip up here from New Orleans," Jones said. "I expect a lot of them there. I expect them to be loud."

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