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Melton Showing More Than Versatility; But Signs He's Close To Returning To Form

IRVING, Texas -  Henry Melton only got half of his two major goals last Monday night.

Sacking a fellow Texas Longhorn was on the list, and he did that twice. But winning the game the biggest goal on his mind and obviously the Cowboys came up short.

 "I had a good celebration planned out and I didn't get to do it." said Henry Melton Wednesday afternoon at Valley Ranch. 

But overall, Melton said he's happy about the progress he made individually moving forward.

"It's a week to week thing," Melton said. "I'm just going to go out and practice and really just trying to still get my feet under me and work on my craft."

Dallas took a flyer on Melton this season, just months after tearing his ACL while playing with the Chicago Bears and it could be starting to pay off. His most productive years, 2011 and 2012, were spent in the "Windy City" where he tallied 13 sacks and he believes a return to form is near.

"There's no doubt in my mind. Anybody will tell you around here that's what I've been doing," Melton said. "Just preparing myself to be the guy that this defense needs."

And this defense is desperate to turn pressure into sacks. Through eight weeks, Dallas has registered a measly nine sacks as a team. Only four teams are worse in that category so you can imagine how pleased Jason Garrett was to see Melton pull Colt McCoy to the ground twice.

"He showed up maybe as much as he has all year long," Garrett said of Melton's Monday night performance. "He's playing more and more and he seems active and he looked quick and fast and explosive to me, making some plays that made a difference in the game."

But that doesn't mean the former fourth round draft pick is resting on his laurels.

"I still have things to work on," Melton said. "We're halfway there (in the season). Hopefully were just going to gain momentum."

Next up for Melton and the 'Boys? The Arizona Cardinals who have weapons galore on the outside in Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd or John Brown. Even Ted Ginn has the capability of making the game changing play.  If Melton can make Carson Palmer's life uncomfortable, the Cowboys could not only get back in the win column, but beat the Cardinals for the first time since 2006.

"We gotta get to him. He likes to be in the pocket," Melton said. "Doesn't matter where I line up I need to be the one pressing the pocket."

One of his sacks against the Redskins came at the defensive end position. Something rarely done in his six-year career. 

"Anytime I'm in position to help the team then it feels good." 

And feeling good is Jason Garrett watching Henry Melton do Henry Melton type things up front. 

"He seemed very comfortable out there. He's a very athletic guy," said Garrett. "I think as much as anything, the health thing with him is a big factor, him getting back to being himself."

So whether that's throwing up the "Hook 'Em Horns" sign or unveiling the "other" celebration he's got planned out. If Melton's celebrating, that means he's put another opposing quarterback where he belongs: on the ground.

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