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Mick Shots: Fasten Your Chinstrap, Best/Worst Moment Coming Up Next

FRISCO, Texas – Back to work, back to court, back in the day. Oh, so much to discuss, so little time, especially since these Dallas Cowboys know they can't rest on their most recent three-game-winning-streak laurels.

         Those are the Atlanta Falcons coming up, and let's not ho-hum Sunday's challenge on the road, qualifying this one against simply a (yawn) 4-4 team. Let's remember, the 5-3 Cowboys, forced indoors for practice by the inclement weather – i.e. all-day Wednesday rain – are only one game removed from 4-4 themselves, each team getting to where it is today on the strength of three-game winning streaks: The Falcons' coming the first three games of the season and the Cowboys' these past three games.

         Time to get to it:

  • So was asked Wednesday morning on 105.3 The Fan for the best moment of the season and the worst moment of the season for the Cowboys at this halfway point in the schedule. Told the guys, "Let me get back to you tomorrow on that, or possibly Friday." Because one way or another, Thursday's ruling on Ezekiel Elliott's request for a preliminary injunction to stop his pending six-game suspension by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals will define one of those categories for sure. Right? Gets the injunction, he almost certainly plays for the remainder of the season. Denied, and he immediately starts serving the suspension the minute that decision is reached, meaning no-play on Sunday against the Falcons. Would have to be the worst moment of the season.
  • So this decision will be made by a three-judge panel, two appointed by the Bush Presidents, Dennis Jacobs and Debra Ann Livingston, and Christopher Droney appointed by President Obama. Majority rules. Might know by Thursday evening and likely by Friday. If not, he plays until the decision comes down. And this time, instead of attorney Jeffrey Kessler making the oral argument on behalf of Zeke and the NFLPA it will be Andrew Tulumello. Got to hope he's the "closer." Exclusion of evidence in the arbitration process will be a prime topic.
  • When you are 5-3, and have scored at least 28 points in a franchise record-tying six consecutive games, the quarterback has to be the considered the best player on the team. But if you are looking for the MVP, well, in my books it's Sean Lee. The Cowboys are 5-1 with Lee on the field. Even though he missed the two games in the losing streak, he leads the team with seven tackles for losses and is still second in total tackles (61).
  • How utterly silly for Deion Sanders to be that offended by Tony Romo's comment during Sunday's game when KC cornerback Marcus Peters appeared to turn down a tackle, saying, "Peters doesn't want to tackle – that's one of the things – I'm telling you … he makes Deion Sanders look good sometimes." Cute, right? Come on, Deion, you used to talk about "making business decisions" when it came to tackling.
  • How about these turnaround numbers: As for the team that couldn't buy a sack, the Cowboys now have 27 in eight games, third in the NFL behind only Jacksonville (35) and Carolina (29), and on pace for 54. Last time the Cowboys had 50 sacks in a season was 2008, with 59. And then this: As for the team that couldn't buy a takeaway, the Cowboys have come up with seven during this three-game winning streak and now have 11. Seven of those are fumble recoveries, tied for second in the NFL to only Green Bay's eight.
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