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Mid-Day Report: Leary Surgery, Garrett Talks Game 3 Playing Time


OXNARD, Calif. – Cowboys coach Jason Garrett had one final message for his team Friday morning: don't let up.

The Cowboys went through their final walkthrough in California before departing for Saturday's preseason game against Arizona. With the return to Dallas looming behind the game, Garrett said it's important to maintain the training camp mentality through the next three weeks until the start of the regular season.

"The message is 'Don't change a whole lot,'" Garrett said. "It's the same kind of message about, try to focus on trying to do your best and working hard each and every day. I thought we had a really good camp. Guys came in shape, ready to go and worked hard. I thought it was very competitive – as competitive a training camp as I've been around."

It doesn't seem like that message has been necessary to this point in the preseason. The past month in Oxnard has produced plenty of physicality and competition – something Garrett said has improved the entire roster.

But the added emphasis wasn't lost, not even on the Cowboys' more established players. Wide receiver Dez Bryant said it'

"Basically, don't have that 'leaving training camp' mentality," Bryant said. "We still got work to do, and I think for the most part everybody knows that."

Here are some more notes from Friday as the Cowboys prepare for the Cardinals:

  • Ronald Leary successfully underwent surgery on his knee Friday morning, according to Garrett. Garrett said the injury isn't a significant one, and he said backup guard David Arkin will be the beneficiary of Leary's downtime.
  • "Ron Leary had surgery this morning, and we felt like the surgery went well – it was a scope. We don't think it's going to be a major, major thing," Garrett said. "We think he's going to be back in a couple of weeks. But it gives a guy like Arkin a lot of opportunities – both in practice and in games – to show what he can do."
  • Garrett said the coaching staff has an idea of how much time his starters will play against Arizona. He said it will be more than last week against Oakland, but not a full first half.
  • Tony Romo's workload within that plan will likely be 15 to 20 plays, give or take, according to Garrett. He said Romo will likely play "into the second quarter." [embedded_ad]
  • B.W. Webb let fellow rookie J.J. Wilcox know he'll be there for him as Wilcox deals with the loss of his mother. Webb took the field in Wilcox's jersey at Friday's walkthrough. He'll switch back to his normal No. 20 jersey for Saturday's game. "I talked to him," Webb said. "He's doing a little better, but it's hard right now. Can you imagine losing a parent? I just want to let him know I'm here for him if he needs anything."
  • Terrance Williams can expect to see a bit more playing time than the rest of the Cowboys' top players, as he missed the first two preseason contests. "It's been disappointing for him that he hasn't been able to play in the first two games, but he'll get some action in this game – probably more action than the other starting-type players will," Garrett said.
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