Mr. Reliable Has Had Issues Last 2 Weeks

while the most consistent player on this football team since 2005, even more than DeMarcus Ware, has been the deep snapper L.P. Ladouceur, who hasn't had a real botched snap since he's been here.

With that, it's hard to criticize a player who has one job to do, and has done with near perfection throughout his career.

But that's what we do on Mondays. And for the second straight week, it's only fair to point out that Ladouceur hasn't really been at his best on these last-second field-goal attempts in regulation.

Against the Giants on Sunday night, with the Cowboys looking to tie the game with a 47-yard field goal attempt, Ladouceur was practically ran over by Giants rusher Jason Pierre-Paul, who blocked the kick to cap off one of the best single-game performances against the Cowboys in recent years.

But on the pervious kick, the one negated by a timeout, Pierre-Paul tried to go through guard Montrae Holland but even admitted after the game he knew he needed more push and went over the center the next time.

The week before, with the Cowboys looking for the win in regulation on a 49-yard kick, Ladouceur's snap was rather high, sending holder Mat McBriar up from his stance and having him rush to get the ball down and spun properly before Dan Bailey's attempt, which landed short and wide left.

Not putting this game on the deep snapper, but for a guy who has been Mr. Reliable for this team for a while, he hasn't been perfect in the most crucial of moments here lately.

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