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Murray Sounding Optimistic About Playing This Week

IRVING, Texas -Running back DeMarco Murray declined to hold an official media interview when requested on Wednesday, but didn't exactly shy away from some of the questions that were asked anyway.

While Murray smiled and playfully entertained some questions while he ate his lunch, the running back did sound optimistic about his chances of playing Sunday against the Eagles despite a sprained foot injury that has sidelined him since the second half of the Oct. 14 game in Baltimore.

Murray called it "a good first day" when asked about returning to practice on Wednesday in pads for the first time since the injury.

He nodded several times about questions regarding him feeling better than he has during this entire process, and when asked if he has confidence he will play this week.

Clearly, Murray isn't trying to jinx himself or his chances of playing, but the look on his face, plus the fact he was at least out on the field and taking some first-team snaps, suggests there is such a chance.

Not only that, but backup tailback Felix Jones, who has assumed the starting duties in Murray's absence, missed Wednesday's practice with a knee injury. Jones has been more than banged up the last few weeks, but has courageously fought through nagging injuries and will likely be ready to do the same this week, even if he returns to backup status.

The Cowboys  have obviously missed Murray in his absence. Just this week has Jones surpassed Murray in rushing yards, and only by five yards. Jones now leads the Cowboys with 335 yards but with a 3.6 yard average. Murray has 330 rushing yards, averaging a team-high 4.4 yards per carry.

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