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Murray Thought At One Point He Might Not Return This Year

IRVING, Texas – DeMarco Murray thought his season might be shut down at one point after his foot sprain sidelined him four weeks longer than he initially anticipated.

Murray said on 105.3 FM "The Fan" that he figured the injury he sustained in Baltimore would keep him out only a week or two, and frustration began to creep in after four or five weeks of sitting out.

"I'm sitting there and it was feeling better after the first and second week and then after the third, fourth week it kind of was at a stalemate and kind of felt the same," Murray said. "This past week is where I really turned the corner and it felt better."

Murray finally began practicing with the team last week in preparation for the Eagles. He started Sunday and received a full workload, carrying 23 times for 83 yards and a touchdown. Murray gained 94 yards on the ground before an 11-yard loss on his final rush as time ticked away for the Eagles.

The running back began the game with a 14-yard carry and an 8-yard rush, running through holes that were non-existent in recent weeks. At times he seemed slightly tentative, but he still helped the Cowboys compile their most rushing yards since Murray's last performance in Baltimore seven weeks prior. 

Head coach Jason Garrett said he thought Murray felt fine the day after his return to the field. Murray said he felt like he'd been in a wreck, but he actually seemed to enjoy the aches and pains after Sunday's game.

"My entire body, after not feeling contact for six weeks, feels like you've been in a car crash," Murray said. "It's a good feeling, though. I actually like it, as weird as that sounds. I'm happy to be back on the field."

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