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My Fit Foods – A Fitting Challenge

Written by Brittney Schram

When you hear the words "challenge" and "fit foods," they probably don't evoke warm fuzzy feelings. However, when I was approached by Kelli and Judy at the beginning of training camp to try the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge, I was ecstatic. Albeit for reasons I'm not too proud of (think yo-yo diets and down time), I welcomed the opportunity to try the My Fit Foods Challenge.

Scenario: Enter the mind of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in that moment she is rushing out the door for rehearsal, oftentimes coming from work or school, and it would probably go something like this: "Did I grab my poms? What issued attire are we wearing tonight? I hope I packed the right one! Do I have extra tights with me? It's 5:00, I bet traffic is bad. I wonder if we need boots tonight. I should probably bring them just in case. I hope they're already in my car. It's rush hour, traffic is definitely going to be bad."

And then the last thing that crosses our mind, "What can I grab to eat really quickly?!"

Anyone can relate to this scenario. OK, so you're probably not rushing to get to a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading rehearsal, but my point is, everyone has a schedule, whether it's work, school, or appointments. And true, you're not grabbing pom-poms as you rush out the door, so they'll be proverbial for a briefcase or textbooks. Regardless, we are all familiar with that "rushing out the door" feeling, and the "I don't have time to make something to eat" problem.

There are usually one of two options. Either grab something small and snacky from the pantry (i.e. energy bar, almonds, fruit) or drive through somewhere (fast, convenient, but healthy not so much). Both of these pose problems because small and snacky won't sustain for long enduring practices (or business meetings or school lectures), leaving us famished and not mentally sharp. And fast food, well, have you seen the McDonald's documentary Super Size Me? (Or better yet, have you seen our uniforms?)

Enter My Fit Foods.

Imagine a place that has a vast variety of foods, from American to Mexican to Italian, endless meal options, except every recipe is not only good for you, it's also made to help you lose weight. This is the concept of My Fit Foods. It's chef-prepared REAL food, made healthfully and perfectly proportioned to give you exactly everything you need. But most importantly, it's fast and convenient. Think dining quality homemade meals, but with no hassle, thought or preparation. Just pop it in the microwave for a minute and voila!

Now, visualize a diet that's built around eating, not restricting. Take a plan that does absolutely all the work for you, and a personal consultant just a text or phone call away with you every pound of the way. Your meals are customized to your taste preferences and tailored to accommodate busy schedules. This is the idea behind their Challenge, which is actually anything but challenging, because everything is practically handed to you on a silver platter. (In fact, swap the silver platter for a convenient, microwave safe piece of Tupperware, and this idiom is literal!)

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well, the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge forms a healthy lifestyle habit. Its meal plan is designed to lose weight and boost metabolism for the long haul, not just a quick-fix diet fad. They provide the food, the tools and the people to get you there; all you need is the motivation to get started.

The meal varieties are endless and delicious, so you're never bored and NEVER hungry. In fact, I felt the opposite, as My Fit Foods had me eating around the clock. The plan is designed around portion control, eating often, so you're energized and satisfied throughout the day, never full or sluggish. It practically felt like Christmas morning every time I went to the fridge, as I would pop the lid off the Fit Foods meal container like a child would rip the bow off a present, eyes wide and gleaming with excitement, thinking to myself, "What yummy recipe do I get to try next?" This is a type of challenge I like to accept!

By the end of it I was lighter (about eight pounds to be exact!), toned, energized and, most importantly, reprogrammed and educated on what, when and how to eat, so that I was never hungry, sluggish or confused about food.

I want to give a big Texas-sized THANK YOU to My Fit Foods for challenging me to better myself. Now, I challenge YOU to challenge yourself to make My Fit Foods part of your better lifestyle!

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