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Ogletree Strives For Consistency; Putting Giants Behind Him

Kevin Ogletree doesn't want anything to do with last week's game with the Giants.

You know the game – the one in which he proved his doubters wrong with a career game that saw his first two touchdowns of his career.

But as  the Cowboys move on to Seattle, Ogletree says he has to put that one in his rearview mirror.

"Good bad, ugly … put it to bed. Let's focus forward," Ogletree said Monday. "That's what our focus has been since coach (Jason Garrett) as established this tempo around here. We're [putting behind what just happened. We have an important game coming up."

That answer suggests that Ogletree and his teammates are viewing all of these 16 games as crucial contests. And why wouldn't they? The Cowboys missed the playoffs by one game last season at 8-8. Any of these games that don't have the same billing always seem to have importance at the end of the season.

For Ogletree, who caught eight passes for 114 yards against the Giants, he said a game like that will put more attention his way, but that's something he relishes and something he's prepared for.

"It puts more pressure to be at your best," Ogletree said. "That's something I've been working on, doing things more consistently, preparing more consistent. Practicing more consistently. When you get a chance to play in ballgames, be more consistent there too."

Currently, only three players in the NFL have more catches than Ogletree's eight grabs as Reggie Wayne, Brandon Marshall and Randall Cobb all had nine on Sunday. And Ogletree is tied with two others with two touchdown receptions in Week 1.

So being consistent, with these numbers, will likely put Ogletree in the Pro Bowl. But more realistically, he knows the focus will remain on starters Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, but will continue to take advantage of his opportunities.

"I know the role I've got," he said. "It hasn't changed. My job is to make plays when I get the chance. If I keep working hard, the ball will keep coming. That's all I can hope for."

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