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Oklahoma OT Johnson Is Long Shot Among Possibilities at No. 18


(Editor's Note: Heading into the upcoming NFL Draft, held April 25-27, will take a closer look at the prospects, including some that could be potential fits with the Cowboys. Today's featured player is Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson).

Name: Lane Johnson

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Oklahoma

Height/Weight: 6-6/303

Age: 23 (born Jan. 1, 1990)

* * named Johnson a third-team All-American following the 2012 season, and league coaches named him second-team All-Big XII

Key Stat:You have to admire Johnson's athleticism for a guy his size, which is probably part of the reason he's thought of so highly. While in junior college at Kilgore College, he spent time at quarterback, believe it or not. He then spent time at tight end upon enrolling at Oklahoma, before ultimately finding his spot on

the offensive line.  That kind of ability should help him plenty with the freakish athletes he'll encounter on defensive lines in the NFL.

Where He's Headed:As noted above, it would be a minor miracle if Johnson lasts past the first 10 or 12 picks. It's a prevalent opinion among draftniks that he'll be selected to shore up Arizona's woeful offensive line. If he isn't picked by the Cardinals, he'd still have to slip past several teams in need to land in Dallas' lap.

How He Helps the Cowboys:He would be a grand slam if the Cowboys are planning on improving their offensive line. The usual suspects for offensive line picks at No. 18 are Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper and D.J.Fluker, but that's only because nobody expects a player of Johnson's caliber to fall so far. He would definitely help Tony Romo breathe easier.

Scout's Take:Plays as the left tackle. Light on his feet, very athletic. Will play with a wide base at times on his set. Surprised that he got beat inside on a rush because of his ability to adjust on the move. At times is a one legged player. Will reset his hands, adjusts them eaily. Easy to second level, no problems at all moving. Can get to the edge, stays after his blocks, stays engaged. Can mirror and slide with ease. Gets a stalemate in the running game. On one on one he is going to struggle some to get some push. Can get the corner and hook the outside. Like Joeckel got knocked back on the bull rush some. Will get over extended at times to try and match power. Can make the reach block easily. Has a burst when he comes off the ball. Plays the majority of his plays out of a two point stance….Thought [embedded_ad]

there were some questions about him playing with or against power but strength numbers are the same as Joeckel and Fisher. Initially believed there was a large gap between him and the other tackles but just not the case. Would be a no brainer for the front office if he were to drop to eighteen but I just don't see that happening. – Bryan Broaddus

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