Opportunity Knocking Again For Ogletree

First it was the release of Roy Williams just before training camp that made him the third wide receiver.

Then it was the fact no other receiver was signed during camp, allowing him to enter the season just one injury away from the starting lineup. As it turned out, both starters were injured, allowing him to start three straight games.

And even if Kevin Ogletree has now been passed over as the third receiver by Laurent Robinson, he seems to keep getting these opportunities.

Now, with the surprising release this week of rookie Dwayne Harris, it appears Ogletree has yet another opportunity in the return game. Ogletree has 14 career kickoff returns and will likely be back deep to replace Harris, who has returned to the practice squad.

The tricky position will be at punt return, where Ogletree has worked this week fielding punts along with Terence Newman and Dez Bryant. Ogletree may not get every return, but the plan is to get him acclimated this week.

While Ogletree hasn't done much this year, or even in his three-year career, the Cowboys are giving him another role to shine. To me, I would think Harris has more upside than Ogletree or even Jesse Holley.

But for now, the coaching staff sees it differently. Once again, opportunity knocks again for Ogletree.

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