Orlando Scandrick Staying Patient, Expects To Be Full-Go "Very, Very Soon"

IRVING, Texas – Orlando Scandrick isn't one for clichés.

If you need evidence of his honesty, consider his answer when asked how tough it's been to watch offseason practices from the sidelines.

"It's not tough at all," Scandrick said. "I'm really focused on becoming a better player than I was. I'm really being patient to get back out there. I don't want to suffer any setbacks once I go out there."

Scandrick's attitude is understandable, even if it doesn't fit into the narrative of the typical offseason storyline. After all, as the Cowboys cornerback is well aware, OTA and minicamp practices don't actually resemble the same level of football that'll be happening this summer at training camp.

"Nothing has happened," he said. "We're just running around in shorts and a helmet – that's not how we play."

Needless to say, Scandrick is staying patient during his gradual progression back to the playing field. But over the course of 10 months of rehab on his torn ACL and MCL, he said that hasn't always been easy.

"Patience has been the biggest challenge," he said. "Your body has to get readjusted to doing the things you used to do before. I had a very, very intense surgery. It went well -- I have great doctors and great rehab people."

The process of rehabbing is giving Scandrick a chance to better prepare himself for 2016, though. Last year, he missed the early portion of OTAs during a contract negotiation. As a result, he said he got off to a slow start at training camp before ultimately suffering the season-ending injury.

"I had a very sketchy, spotty offseason – just from a business standpoint. What was crazy is I was just starting to get back to myself in training camp," he said. "It was the best day I had in training camp, and I was feeling good. I made plays on the ball that day – and then that just kind of hit me."

Scandrick added that the injury gave him some valuable perspective, not to mention that the arduous recovery process has made him stronger mentally. That might also help explain his patient attitude while he refrains from the competitive portions of Cowboys practices this spring.

Don't mistake patience for indifference, though. Scandrick was asked Tuesday if he thought he'd be ready for the start of the regular season – a question that made him laugh. After losing the entire 2015 season to injury, Scandrick said he's ready to contribute once again.

"When the season opens I'll be 13 months post-surgery. I'm fine. I'll be totally fine," he said. "I see myself working my way into training camp and being full-go very, very soon."


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