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Patient & Upbeat, Dez Bryant Is Confident That Cowboys' Offense Will Come

FRISCO, Texas – Dez Bryant's weekly media session was a bit unusual on Friday – for a couple of reasons.

Those two factors honestly tied together a little bit. Bryant was in a fantastic mood as he faced questions about the Cowboys' struggles in Denver last week, and he demonstrated that fact by answering those questions from atop a step stool that had been left in front of his locker.

If Bryant was feeling any residual frustration from a dismal loss in Denver, he didn't show it. And throughout the interview, it was something he insisted the Cowboys have left behind them.

"It's just a bad day at the office," he said. "That don't make us. We know exactly who we are, and we're going to see on Monday."

The Cowboys have seen two wildly different outings through two weeks of the season – a dominant win and a lopsided loss. But through two weeks, Bryant and the passing game have yet to find solid footing. The statistic that has been thrown around throughout this week is that, through two games Bryant has been targeted a healthy 25 times, with just nine receptions and 102 yards to show for it.

That's not the intended outcome for a guy like Bryant, who is entering his 100th career game on Monday with 68 career receiving touchdowns. But asked repeatedly if he's feeling pressure to deliver on the expectations of his All-Pro stature, Bryant said no.

"It's no pressure. This is my job, this is what I do, this is the National Football League," he said. "My confidence is sky-high – it's going to always be that way. On Monday night, I've got another shot at it and I can't wait."

Bryant has drawn the spotlight following the loss to the Broncos, given the sheer number of targets he saw. But it's the Cowboys' full passing game that could use some improvement, as Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams struggled to get open and Dak Prescott threw two interceptions.

As much criticism as there might be, Bryant said the offense isn't hearing it. As the Cowboys gear up for their appearance on Monday Night Football, he said the focus is to keep an even keel and stay committed to the process. If they can do that, he said, the desired results will come.

"It's staying and sticking to what you believe, and like I said, as long as you've got that belief and that faith and you know," he said. "Because I know exactly what we do out there on that practice field each and every day, I know what we talk about in those meeting rooms – that's what matters to me. I already know, when it happens, it's going to happen – and I know it's going to happen."

It might happen, but it's not going to come easily against Arizona. The Cardinals employ one of the best cornerbacks in football in Patrick Peterson, who will undoubtedly spend much of this game covering Bryant. That was the case in Week 1, when Bryant went up against New York's Janoris Jenkins, and in Week 2, when it was Denver's Aqib Talib and Chris Harris.

Tough as those matchups might be, Bryant said that's what he plays for.

"Yeah, that's what I've got to deal with, and that's what I love – that's what I want to deal with," he said. "That's how it's got to be. Like I said, my practice approach has been phenomenal, it's been amazing. I'm just looking forward to Monday. Ready to make some plays."

It would be unfair to say reporters were trying to get a rise out of the Cowboys' star receiver. That wasn't the case. But it is true that there seemed to be an expectation of frustration, as is often the case when as offense isn't moving the ball.

While he waits for his next opportunity, Bryant kept a positive attitude. When the Cowboys' offense does find its stride, he said, he might not be as understanding of those that counted them out.
"It's just a process, and when everything falls in place – we gonna keep it the same," he said. "I see people try to jump back on that bandwagon, and nah."


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