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Phillips: Ware Tutoring Tyron Smith

SAN ANTONIO --First-round pick Tyron Smith has had a tough time blocking DeMarcus Ware this week. But the All-Pro pass rusher has given the rookie tackle some lessons after practice, too.

Tips like not opening his stance too much when he kick-steps, keeping his body square – technical advice that will help him improve against the NFL sack leader.

Smith admits it's an unprecedented challenge lining up against Ware.

"I feel like anything I did in college doesn't even matter," Smith said. "It's like a fresh start over here."

Offensive line coach Hudson Houck said Smith and the other rookie linemen have a lot to digest in the first week, their first and only chance so far to learn the offense on the field.

"He's 20 years old, and the other young kids are doing a heck of a job picking up the audibles, the double audibles, triple audibles, hard counts, all the changes," said Houck, who spent 10 minutes working with Smith after Saturday's morning walkthrough. "All the things that they have to do right now, let alone knowing what the plays are. All our young guys are doing just a tremendous job."

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