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Planning A Wedding

Written by Cassie Trammell

Planning a wedding is hard enough when that's all you have to worry about. For me, it's extremely difficult because I'm a full-time student and a DCC, which takes up the majority of my schedule.

It's a good thing I have my mom to help out. She's really into the whole planning process, and I'm the opposite. I couldn't tell you half the things that a bride should know about planning a wedding, so I'm so lucky to have my mom to help, along with my aunt who has planned two weddings for her daughters in the past. As of now, I can finally say after an entire year of being engaged and about nine months of procrastinating, I am finally feeling like the plans are coming together.

I'm not a normal girly-girl in any kind of situation, which is very apparent when I meet with consultants for different aspects of the wedding on details that I could really care less about. Yes, I want it to be pretty and eclectic and fun, but I don't care about the little details.

My mom gets so frustrated with me because I always just say, "I don't know, you can just pick!" I'm just not the kind of person who can just make a decision easily, or choose something out of a million different options.

Take flowers, for example. I literally sat there and stared at the flower consultant when she asked me what I like. I don't know anything about flowers. The only thing I knew is that I didn't want roses because that's just not me. They seem too formal for what I want my wedding to be. And when it comes to what the cake looks like, what songs play when and who sits where, I honestly have no preference.

It's actually funny because the biggest argument between me and my "wedding coordinator," the one and only Judy Trammell, has been about my bridal bouquet. I honestly thought that I could get away with carrying a bouquet with no fresh flowers, and my mom just absolutely drew the line. My aunt made me a fake flower bouquet with brooches (that will eventually be in my real bouquet at the wedding) for my bridal portraits. I thought it was so beautiful and perfect, that there was no need for a fresh flower bouquet. Who is going to stop me on my way down the aisle to smell my fresh flowers anyway?

The ceremony is the only time the bride has her bouquet so that seemed realistic to me. And you get a different bouquet to toss to the single ladies, right? But no, Judy said absolutely not, and she promised that the real flowers would look exactly like the ones my aunt made for the portraits. I just think it's such a funny thing to care so much about, but hey, it's not like I really have a preference, like I said.

So now that we have the flowers under control, even though I couldn't tell you what kinds are going to be where, and have done a couple of cake tastings, I'm feeling a little better. I'm also very relieved to have a location and photographer booked, considering I just started planning and the wedding is only a little more than six months from now. Once I realized that all of my friends who got engaged long after me were buckling down on details already, I panicked and decided to stop putting it off.

Even though I don't enjoy all the girly things that come with planning a wedding, it isn't too bad when you have someone like my mom helping out! I am a very lucky girl because of that.

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