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Player Postcard: So-So Day For Romo, Big Opportunity For Geoff Swaim

(Editor's Note: 90 players are striving for a roster spot over the next month. In an effort to keep up with all of them, Bryan Broaddus is going to write a report on three different players after every practice. From the team's most prominent players to its no-name camp bodies, this is a place to read about what's going on across the Cowboys' roster.)

OXNARD, Calif.*– *Three players who caught my eye while I watched the Cowboys' Friday afternoon practice.

Tony Romo QB
I thought it was a 50-50 practice for Romo on Friday. There was some good and not-so-good. He and Dez Bryant were able to hook up on some throws in the 1-on-1 period. They missed what would have likely been a touchdown on a vertical route up the right sideline in Team Period, when Bryant got separation on Morris Claiborne. He missed a throw to Cole Beasley going the same direction and he was just a little too tall for on the out-and-up to Jason Witten. Romo also had some bad luck on two interceptions that went off his intended targets' hands. One was to Witten crossing underneath in the red zone and the other was to Terrance Williams, who was running inside but was unable to adjust his hands quick enough to pull the ball down. I haven't seen any problems with Romo's velocity or arm strength in these practices due to any of his previous injuries that he has had to deal with.

Geoff Swaim TE
If there is a player that has benefited from members of his position being out of practice due to injury or taking a veteran day, it has to be Geoff Swaim. To his credit, he has been able to answer the bell each practice with a play or two that gets him noticed. If you were to ask me for his best trait, I would say as a route runner he has a real understanding of how to get himself open. Swaim is one of those players that plays with his eyes up. He sees the depth of the linebackers and safeties, then finds ways to adjust off them. What has also been impressive about Swaim has been his ability to finish the play. His hands have been outstanding and any ball that has been thrown in his direction, he has been able to secure. He continues to improve as an inline blocker, but he's not at the level of a Jason Witten or James Hanna at this point.

Lawrence Okoye DT / DE
Like many of these young defensive linemen, I didn't know much about Lawrence Okoye. I knew that he didn't have much experience in the league, but at 6-6, 310 pounds, he has a pro-type of body. My immediate thought was Okoye would be a defensive end only, but in these practices with all the problems that this team has had on the inside, he has been able to step in and help to give the position some stability at tackle. What strikes me about Okoye has been his ability to play with power when working against these blockers. He does a fine job of playing with leverage, but how he does it is interesting because he tends to play a little tall and upright. If there is an area that he will surely need to work on, it is playing with more knee bend. Right now he is getting away with that because of his upper body strength, but he can't continue to just play that way and be successful. Lawrence Okoye has been a nice surprise during the first week of this camp and that was something I didn't expect. 

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