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Point: Why The Cowboys Should Feel Content With Current Backup Quarterbacks

(Editor's Note: This week, the staff debates whether the team should feel comfortable with the current backup quarterbacks behind Tony Romo. Click here for Rob Phillips’ Counterpoint.)

IRVING, Texas – Barring any major changes, it appears that Jerry Jones and the front office will be going with the current group of Tony Romo, Kellen Moore, Jameill Showers and Dak Prescott as the quarterbacks for the upcoming season. As dangerous as that move might be given the lack of experience behind Romo, it is not really.

If I were still in the pro personnel department, other than Ryan Fitzpatrick I would not be excited about free agents such as Michael Vick, T.J. Yates or Matt Flynn. If Johnny Manziel had his off-the-field life in order, I would have consider him just from his work on film, but he's not available. I would rather see one of the current quarterbacks on the roster get the opportunity before any of those on the market.

It has always been in my experience with young quarterbacks that lack of playing time is not as stressful when you have the players around them to help in the transition. The Cowboys have that luxury with a healthy Dez Bryant, the steadiness of Jason Witten, a versatile running back group and one of the most productive offensive lines in the league. These kind of options allow you to play in a different way.

I am not saying that they don't need a talented backup quarterback because we all saw what happened last season when that was the case. I just feel this current group is better. It is clear that Moore is a favorite among the coaching staff but now it appears that he has won some of the scouts as well.

What will be interesting is if Showers is able to outplay Moore, and then a decision has to be made to carry him on the roster because Dak Prescott is here for the long haul.

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